Swiss Open 2018


Welcome to the Swiss Open PSA $11,000 Challenger Tour tournament at the Squash Arena in Uster, Switzerland. For the first time we are organising this international event to be run in conjuction with Switzerland's largest squash tournament, the 5th Arena Cup. In addition to the 120 predominantly Swiss sportspeople of all ages attending the Arena Cup on 10th/11th November, we will be hosting 24 elite squash players from around the world for the five day Swiss Open. Entries include players from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, Finland, Germany and Portugal as well as most of the Swiss National Men's Squad.

Our modern centre features six courts as well as a full glass centre court. All Swiss Open games held on the glass court will be live-streamed and our local television sender TeleZ will be broadcasting live the semifinal and final games scheduled for the 10th and 11th.



Draw & results

Round one Wednesday  7th November 16:00 to ca. 22:00 (2x4 games)
Round two Thursday 8th November 16:00 to ca. 22:00 (2x4 games)
Quarter finals  Friday 9th November 17:00 to ca. 22:00 (4 games)
Semi-finals Saturday 10th November 16:00 / 17:00
Final Sunday 11th November  14:00


Photos of the 2018 Swiss Open

TeleZ Televised final and semifinal matches


Tournament Director
Player Relations

Player Information

Players who are knocked out of the PSA Swiss Open during the first two tournament days (7th & 8th November) are invited to participate in the 5th Arena Squash Cup, with over CHF 3500 gifts and prize money (CHF 50 entry fee), being held at the same venue on the 10th & 11th November. 


The realisation of a sport event of this dimension which attracts Swiss and international sportspeople and spectactors is only possible through the generosity of our monetary and service provision sponsors as well as many voluntary helpers. 

We thank our sponsors: 

  • Lukas Gadola & Janet Hayman
  • Heinz Lüscher
  • David Moser
  • Felix Trösch
  • Rolf Graf (Recon)
  • Roland Reitinger
  • Reto Flückiger
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  • John Williams
  • Reto Grogg
  • Peter Wegmann
  • Marius Hug